A&D Strategies and Opportunities
September 6-7, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
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2016 A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference & Workshop

See below for the 2016 conference and workshop agendas.

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2016 Workshop

September 7, 2016

Welcome Remarks & Introduction of Oil and Gas Asset Clearing House

Upstream A&D Today: The Current Market

Deals have been rare, but the second half promises to sizzle. Get this expert's take on the ins and outs of the A&D space. What have we seen so far this year, and what is the outlook for the remainder of 2016?

Let's Make A Deal Lab, Part I: Analyzing & Negotiating The Deal

Participants form teams and negotiate on a competitive deal in a virtual data room based on real packages.

Mitigating Deal Anxiety With Virtual Data Rooms

Fireside Chat: Two Successful Buyers

These seasoned executives share their insights on how they won the deals.

Let's Make A Deal Lab, Part II: The Shark Tank

A panel of judges representing the seller's management team engages buyers' groups to defend their bids.

  • Mark Hiduke, CEO, PCORE Exploration and Production II LLC– Presentation not available
  • Steven H Pruett, President & CEO, Elevation Resources, LLC– Presentation not available
  • John Stroud, Manager of Business Development, Merit Energy Company– Presentation not available
  • Michael N. Foster Jr., President and Co-Founder, BASA Resources, Inc.– Presentation not available

Roundtable: Shark On Shark

Have a bone to pick with the results? Witness the debate, drama and even a drop of theatrical blood in the water as Sharks panelists of yore evaluate the work of their chums.

Moderator: Steve Toon, Editor-in-Chief, Oil and Gas Investor, Hart Energy

  • Karl Brensike, CEO, Haymaker Minerals & Royalties, LLC– Presentation not available
  • Robert W. Kirkland, Executive Vice President, Wapiti Energy, LLC– Presentation not available
  • Kevin Townsend, President, Townsend Energy Advisors LLC– Presentation not available
  • Steve Hicks, Chief Operating Officer, Argent Energy (US) Holdings Inc.– Presentation not available

2016 Conference

September 8, 2016

Opening Keynote: The Ball In The Corner Pocket–Price Outlooks

Commodity prices are the overarching driver of the A&D world. Gain insights into what's affecting oil and natural gas prices today, and what predictions this expert has for the future.

Panel: Mining The Capital Quarry

Select operators have tapped public equity and debt markets for large capital raises. Some have been able to use the value of their shares as currency in closing acquisitions. What are the characteristics of operators the market is favoring? Learn where the money is coming from and how it is being deployed.

Fireside Chat: Play By Play – Acquisition Metrics Across The U.S.

A noted expert dissects the health of the nation's A&D market and what's driving capital-market appetite for investment in the Lower 48 versus investment abroad. How are U.S. cost structures changing, and how is this changing the perspective of profitability? How is the market evolving? What lessons have we learned from this downturn?

  • Bill Marko, Managing Director, Energy Investment-Banking Group, Jefferies LLC– Presentation not available

Panel: Crossing The Delaware; Into The Midland

The Permian Basin's staying power is a marvel for A&D. Oil plays elsewhere, including the Bakken and Eagle Ford, have seen far less activity and softened value. Operators have made deals in the most prized basin in the world. Here's how the numbers worked.

Deal Spotlight: Know The Gas

This operator has made strategic purchases of natural gas assets with a long-held, compelling expectation for increased North American gas demand that is clearly proving itself today. And it has picked up a prized position in the Eagle Ford too. Here's its portfolio, how it picks its plays and its forecast for future demand.

Panel: The Stacktacular Stack

The Sooner Trend's stacked oil pay has become an analog of the Permian—transforming from a 20th-century also-ran into a 21st-century hotspot for deals anew. Devon Energy spent $1.9 billion in Stack earlier this year and more deals have followed. What makes this play extraordinary?

Spotlight: Buying Out Of Bankruptcy

With more restructurings expected, here's a working guide to winning assets surrounding and during the bankruptcy process. What are protections for buyers? Here are the challenges and rewards of buying out of the liquidation and restructuring processes.

Panel: Private Please

For asset holders, private equity has been keen to come knocking, with more than 80% of deals through private companies headed by handpicked management teams. Can a PE-based E&P company start-up still make an acquisition and generate the ROI needed for a profitable exit? How do conventional versus unconventional assets stack up?

Roundtable: Closing The Gap

Buyers and sellers across the Lower 48 are increasingly overcoming the bid/ask divide after months of gridlock. What's driving transactions at this stage of a prolonged sub-$60-WTI market?

  • Allen May, Executive Vice President, Business Development and Exploration, Scala Energy LLC – Presentation not available
  • Steve Pruett, President & CEO, Elevation Resources LLC – Presentation not available
  • Doug Reynolds, Managing Director and Head of U.S. Business, Scotia Waterous– Presentation not available
  • Mark Carmain, Managing Director, Petrie Partners LLC– Presentation not available