A&D Strategies and Opportunities
September 6-7, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
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2013 A&D Strategies Conference

See below for the 2013 conference and workshop agendas. To download a presentation, click the speaker’s name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2013 Workshop

September 4, 2013

Upstream A&D Today: The Current Market, Plus Insight Into Buyer & Seller Motivation

  • Ron Barnes, Executive Vice President-Operations & Business Development, Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse

Let's Make a Deal Lab, Part 1: Analyzing & Negotiating the Deal
Presented by The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

Participants form teams and negotiate on a competitive deal in a simulated data room based on real packages.

How Buyers Risk PUDs and Why Not Every PUD Is Valued the Same

  • Lance Binder, Executive Vice President, Netherland, Sewell & Associates Inc. – Presentation not available

Case Study: How Two Company Identified, Valued, Negotiated and Won the Assets

  • David Keyte, Chairman and CEO, Caerus Oil and Gas
  • Kimberly Lacher, President, Vendera Resources – Presentation not available

Let's Make a Deal Lab, Part II: The Shark Tank

A panel of judges representing the Seller's management team engages buyers' groups to defend their bids.

  • Jason Lindmark, Director of Business Development, Merit Energy Co. – No presentation

  • Steve Hicks, Vice President of Acquisitions, Argent Energy Trust – No presentation

  • Kevin Townsend, Manager, Client Relations, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse – No presentation

  • Steve Herod, President, Halcón Resources Corp. – No presentation

Roundtable Discussion: How to Be an Effective Buyer Beyond Just the Numbers

  • Phil DeLozier, Vice President, Acquisitions & Divestitures, EnerVest Management Partners Ltd. – No presentation

  • Thurmon Andress, Managing Director, Breitburn Energy – No presentation

  • Owen Shuler, CEO, Shuler Capital Corp. – No presentation

2013 Conference

September 5, 2013

Fundamentals Driving Oil, Natural Gas and NGLs in North America

Key drivers you need to know before making your next acquisition or investment.

Metrics and Drivers Panel: Buyer and Seller Opportunities

While the asset marketplace is robust, buyers are taking a more measured approach in their evaluations with a critical eye to future economics. How are the metrics trending today and why?

  • Play By Play: A Report Card for Acquisition Metrics Across the USA
    Scott Richardson, Co-Founding Principal, RBC Richardson Barr

  • Brother, Spare A Dime Today For A PUD Tomorrow? Drivers and Trends Influencing What's Selling In Today's Market, What's Not, and What Potential Buyers Are Seeking
    Andy Taurins, Principal, Lantana Oil & Gas Partners

  • The Coming Consolidation: Why the Time Is Ripe for M&A
    Bruce Cox, Managing Director, Energy Group, Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC

Dealmaker Spotlight

In its first year as a public company, Midstates Petroleum landed two Midcontinent deals totaling more than $1.2 billion, and firmly established itself as a player in the Mississippi Lime and western Anadarko Basin.

  • Curtis A. Newstrom, Senior Vice President Business Development, Midstates Petroleum Co. Inc.

Roundtable Discussion: Hurdles to Deal-Making in a Post Shale-Grab Era

Large independents are more focused on digesting massive unconventional acreage acquisitions than acquiring more, and foreign NOCs have put down the JV juice. Who are the buyers now? Is the acquisition market being bifurcated between big companies and small companies, and can small companies compete in an unconventional world? This panel will address the shifting class of buyers in today's market, what assets they are seeking, and what they will pay.

Moderator: Randall E. King, Managing Director, Anderson King Energy Advisors LLC

Dealmaker Q&A

Master limited partnerships have changed the deal-making scene. Here, two MLP leaders discuss the drivers of current deal flow, how their recent acquisitions fit into their longer-term growth strategies, and the role of MLPs as a distinct class of asset buyer.

  • Alan L. Smith, CEO, Quantum Resources – No presentation
  • Scott W. Smith, President, CEO and Director, Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC – No presentation

Capital Availability Panel: Follow the Money

More money is available today for energy investments than maybe ever before, but it's not exactly free flowing to anyone with an idea and a hand out. Instead, lenders are looking more traditionally to cash-flowing assets and less inclined to fund unproven ideas. Who's in, and who's out?

Roundtable Discussion: Why Sellers Are Increasingly Motivated To Shake Loose Good Properties

Rising oil prices, falling gas, and a redirect to digest shale acreage has tampered A&D in the past months, but signs point to a bottoming of the trough. Will the pain of necessity or pleasure of opportunity push assets into the marketplace? And how many assets might come into play? This panel will explore the dynamics of who's primed to sell and why, and if we are at the cusp of a great asset shift that could change the landscape of oil and gas asset ownership.

  • Harrison Williams, Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Acquisitions & Divestitures, Energy Investment Banking, Raymond James – No presentation
  • Scott Cockerham, Partner, Parkman Whaling LLC – No presentation
  • Kirk Tholen, Managing Director–Head of A&D, Americas, Crédit Agricole – No presentation

Dealmaker Spotlight: Starting an E&P Today—Finding a Focus in the Resource Play Age

Rapidly evolving market conditions, commodity price swings, basins and plays are moving in and out of fashion. How does a start-up find a focus and build a team to grow a successful business?

Maple Leaf Money

Canadian buyers are coming and could be your way to exit. New yield-oriented structures in Canada dictate that they must buy assets abroad, not at home. Here, a Canadian buyer armed with institutional money discusses what they are looking for in the U.S. (a higher percentage of PUDs, for one thing), and when they might pull the trigger.

  • Rick Louden, President and Director, Argent Energy Trust – Presentation not available

Roundtable: Billion-Dollar Buyers

These buyers or A&D intermediaries represent billions of dollars of domestic and foreign capital, from countries as diverse as China and Mexico. They are looking to acquire, or partner on, oil and gas assets in North America. What have they closed on previously, and which basins are they looking in today? How do they view the U.S. A&D marketplace?

  • Peter Lellis, President and Board Member, CHR Energy Partners – No presentation
  • Alexander G. Tworo, Manager A&D Geology, Business Development, NAL Resources Ltd. – No presentation