A&D Strategies and Opportunities
September 6-7, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
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2012 A&D Strategies Conference

See below for the 2012 conference and workshop agendas. To download a presentation, click the speaker’s name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2012 A&D Strategies and Opportunities Show Report

2012 Workshop

September 5, 2012

Upstream A&D Today: The Current Market, Plus Insight Into Buyer & Seller Motivation

Learn about leading types of transactions in the current market, as well as of the buyers and sellers and what is motivating them to make deals. What types of transactions will they do and at what price?

  • Ken Olive, President and CEO, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

Getting Into The Loop: Effective Networking

Acquisition opportunities in a competitive marketplace are often discovered by networking via one-on-one calls and through professional-organization meetings, conferences and social outings. Here, learn about how to develop these relationships — and keep them. (Includes voluntary audience participation.)

Financing The Deal — Types Of Funding & Their Cost

Before finding the deals, you’ll want to have financing options in mind to be ready to close the deal. Which is best, considering your current balance sheet and the deal sizes you seek? And, what does each cost?

The Reserve Report: Yours, Theirs & The Bank’s

The seller’s agent will have a reserve report and you will have your own assessment. Also, the greatest upside in reserves increasingly depends on whether they are vertical while the buyer plans to drill them horizontally going forward. And, valuations change with the outlook for NGLs and not just for oil and dry gas. Meanwhile, your financing may only give consideration to PDPs.

  • G. Lance Binder, Executive Vice President, Netherland, Sewell & Associates Inc.

Roundtable Discussion: Screening Packages — Evaluation & Valuation

Asset-marketing firms, corporate brokers and sellers themselves promote oil and gas properties to potential buyers. How to effectively filter which offers meet your criteria and are worthy of a chase? And, then when to walk away from the table?

  • Mark Castiglione, Vice President, Business Development, QR Energy LP

  • Dalton Smith, Senior Vice President, PetroQuest Energy Inc.

Effective Negotiating: Creating Your Best Deal

Purchase price and other terms can make all the difference between a good buy and a bad one. Here, learn of the nuances of negotiating that position you to win.

  • Aaron Ball, Attorney, Of Counsel, Squire Sanders

Due Diligence & Closing: The Final Challenge

A buying team’s role is nearly done once the definitive agreement is signed and closing is approaching, as land and legal are fast at work at confirming title to and the nature of assets. Both seller and buyer reputations are on the line to close, but some deals just don’t close. Here, learn from why some failed.

  • Don Hueske, Managing Counsel, Oil and Gas Title, Burleson LLP

Let’s Make A Deal Lab, Part I: Analyzing & Negotiating The Deal

Attendees participate in buyer teams on a competitive deal in a simulated data room based on real, past packages. Each will evaluate the property and formulate an offer to come as close as possible to the actual winning bid.

  • David Knox, Senior Vice President, Negotiated Transactions, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

  • Chase Morris, Manager, Client Relations, North Texas/Louisiana, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

  • Ben Jones, Manager, Negotiated Transactions, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

  • Denna K. Arias, Client Relations Representative, The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC

Let’s Make A Deal Lab, Part II: Bid Discussion & Results

May the best offer — and successful seller — win! Deal results will be announced and teams will discuss how they reached their conclusions.

Roundtable Discussion: Tips, Tricks & Traps — Advice From The Pros

Veterans in the BD space share their wisdom on pitfalls in deal-making and how to work through to a successful transaction. Here, learn from them in an informal roundtable Q&A discussion.

  • Phil DeLozier, Senior Vice President, Business Development, EnerVest Ltd.

  • Hal Chappelle, President and CEO, Alta Mesa Holdings LP

2012 Conference

September 6, 2012

Opening Keynote: Foreign Interest in U.S. Resource Plays

What factors will drive deal action, financing and asset prices in the next 18 months?

Commodity-Price Differentials and the Forecast – Is It As Good (Or As Bad) As You Think?

The bifurcation between the price of oil and natural gas is reshaping portfolios and yet, is challenging deal flow. What macro factors will drive commodity prices going forward?

Apache’s Permian, 2012: Organic-Growth Results Post-2010 Acquisitions

In two multi-billion-dollar deals in 2010, Apache Corp. took in high-profile Permian Basin properties from BP Plc and Mariner Energy Inc., gaining more than 600,000 exploration acres in this stacked-pay region. Here’s how the super-independent has made PDPs from its 3P.

Panel: A&D Marketplace, Part 1 — What’s Working and What’s Not?

  • U.S. A&D Activity — Who’s In The Data Rooms, Who’s At The Closing & Why?
    Christopher J. Simon, Managing Director, Head of Asset A&D, Raymond James

  • PV10s, PUDs & Acres — What Are They Worth Today, And Do Traditional Metrics Work?
    David Marcell, Managing Director-Acquisitions & Divestitures, Wells Fargo Securities - Presentation not available

Panel: A&D Marketplace, Part 2 — What’s Working and What’s Not?

  • The Horizontal Permian — New Valuations For Its Unconventional, Stacked Pay
    Ward Polzin, Managing Director, Head of A&D, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

  • The 800–Pound Gorillas — What Will The MLPs Pay, And How Can They Do It?
    Ethan Bellamy, Senior Research Analyst, Master Limited Partnerships, Baird Energy Research

Roundtable Discussion: Oil, Gas or NGLs? The Changing Dynamics of Commodities Influencing Asset Movement

Commodities prices up or down are the first influencers on assets coming to market, and the record gap between natural gas and oil has exacerbated deal flow but which direction? Has gas reached a floor? Is oil peaked? As gas languishes and hedges roll off, gas-weighted companies needing cash flow are pressured to sell assets cheap. Oil’s strong run has led to a restructuring of portfolios, but how could a pullback affect valuations? And can a “liquids–rich” asset base stay rich?

  • Maynard Holt, Co-President, Head of E&P Investment Banking, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

  • Scott Richardson, Co-Founding Principal, RBC Richardson Barr

  • Lisa Stewart, CEO, Sheridan Production Partners

A&D Achievement Award Recognition and Q&A

  • Steve Herod, President, Halcon Resources Corp.

Panel: The Money Supply — Capital Sources Today

  • Private Equity’s Availability To An Acquisition–Focused E&P
    Murphy Markham, Partner, EnCap Investments LP

  • The Current Cost Of Public Capital
    Paul Beck, Executive Director, Macquarie Bank

  • The Funding Gap & The Solution
    Scott Cockerham, Partner, Parkman Whaling

Roundtable Discussion: New-Look Buyers and the Arena for Assets

Financial players have pushed their way to the head of the data room table with a mountain of available capital to bear. Yield–oriented E&Ps such as MLPs are voracious and hard to compete against. Newly loosed independents spun out of integrated companies are seeking fast growth via the marketplace. Who is competing for assets and why — and what does that leave for everyone else?

  • Sam Oh, Senior Partner, Apollo Global Management LLC

  • Steve Guidry, Vice President of Business Development, Marathon Oil Corp.

  • David B. Rottino, Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Development, LINN Energy, LLC

Spotlight Address: China’s Appetite for E&P Assets in North America and Worldwide A Scorecard

Here, Citi’s vice chairman and global head of energy investment banking describes assets CNOOC and Sinopec have won and at what price; the outlook for the Nexen deal and Nexen’s U.S. Gulf portfolio; and whether U.S. E&Ps can compete with Chinese E&Ps for assets abroad, in terms of price.

  • Steve Trauber, Vice Chairman & Global Head of Energy, Investment Banking, Citigroup

Basin M&A Spotlight: Tide’s Up - Gulf of Mexico Survivors, Thrivers and Post-Macondo A&D

Rigs are back at work in the Gulf, as operators aim to approach their level of resource development they had under way in April 2010. As new rules and activity are settling in, what is the outlook for renewed M&A in the region?

Roundtable Discussion: The Masters—Their Favorite Deals, The Ones That Got Away, and The Ones They’re Glad Got Away

These sage A&D dealmakers tell tales from both sides of major purchases and divestments, how they got it right, how they made them right and how they knew which ones were wrong.

Introduction by: Scott Noble, President and CEO, Noble Royalties

Moderator: Tom Petrie, Chairman, Strategic Energy Advisors LLC

  • Jon Brumley, Founder, Bounty Royalty; Co-Founder, Encore Acquisition Co. and XTO Energy Inc.

  • Thurmon Andress, Managing Director, BreitBurn Management Co.

  • Trevor Rees-Jones, Founder and Chairman, Chief Oil & Gas

Closing Keynote: Insider’s Perspective on Energy Companies’ Role in the Upcoming Election

Former Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will be on hand to give an insider’s perspective on the role that energy and energy companies play in the upcoming election. Speaker Gingrich will be joined by President and CEO of Noble Royalties Scott Noble who will discuss a recently-completed fact-based study of lost royalty revenue on Federal lands that Noble Royalties completed together with Netherland, Sewell and Associates, Inc. The underdevelopment and mismanagement of the Federal mineral estate has cost the country billions of dollars and untold numbers of high-paying jobs with devastating affects for American consumers. Gingrich and Noble will conclude with practical ways that the oil and gas industry can make a difference in November and beyond. View press release here.