A&D Strategies and Opportunities
September 6-7, 2017
Dallas, Texas
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
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2010 A&D Strategies Conference

See below for the 2010 conference and workshop agendas. To download a presentation, click the speaker’s name and enter the username and password you received via email following the event. Your log-in credentials are only applicable to this conference and may only be used by registered attendees.

2010 Workshop

September 1, 2010

Upstream A&D Today: An Overview of the Current Upstream Market, and What is Motivating Buyers and Sellers Today
Learn about the leading types of transactions; types of buyers; types of sellers; and recent trends affecting both buyer and seller motivations. What types of transactions will they do and at what price?

  • Ken Olive, President, Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse

Developing the Contacts: Effective Networking
Acquisition opportunities in a competitive marketplace are increasingly discovered by networking via one-on-one calls and through networking groups, conferences and social outings. Here, learn about when they meet, what to expect, what to say and what not to say.

The Reserve Report: Gaining Confidence in the Numbers
There can be a multitude of differences in third-party reports, the seller's report and an agent's report—and your own assessment of potential reserves. How does one gain confidence in the numbers?

  • Lance Binder, Executive Vice President, Netherland, Sewell & Associates

Screening Prospects: Evaluations and Valuations
Asset-marketing firms, corporate brokers, Internet services, and other vendors of upstream properties and companies actively promote their clients' packages to business-development professionals. Plus, there are those learned of on the street. Which ones are worthy of the chase? And how do you determine value?

  • Steve Herod, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Petrohawk Energy Corp. - Presentation not available.

Effective Negotiating: Creating the Best Deal
The perfect acquisition is a combination of a great-fitting asset and reasonably attractive deal terms. Purchase price and other terms of the deal can make all the difference between a good buy and a bad one.

  • Ron Barnes, Senior Vice President, Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse

Financing the Deal: Types of Funding Sources
You have the acquisition in mind. Which type of financing is best, considering the types of assets you are acquiring, tax implications and concerns with leverage? These are issues the financial team will take into consideration when working with you on a bid price and structure—and taking you to a successful close.

  • Paul Beck, Executive Director, Macquarie Energy Capital

Let’s Make A Deal Lab I: Analyzing and Negotiating the Deal
Participants form buyer’s teams and negotiate on a competitive deal in a simulated data room based on real packages. Your team will evaluate the property and formulate an offer to approximate as closely as possible the actual winning bid.

Let’s Make a Deal” Lab II: Negotiating the Deal, Plus Deal Results
May the best offer win! Negotiate final deal terms in a competitive environment, and don’t be surprised if a deal buster is thrown into the process. Bids will be revealed and critiqued to show how the winner was chosen.

Let’s Make A Deal Lab: Bid Discussion and Results

Tips, Tricks and Traps: Advice from the Pros
Veterans in the BD space share their wisdom on pitfalls in deal making and how to work through to a successful transaction. Here, learn from them in a roundtable Q&A discussion.

  • Steve Herod, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Petrohawk Energy Corp. - Presentation not available

  • Curtis Newstrom, VP New Ventures, Midstates Petroleum Company LLC - Presentation not available

  • Leah Smith, Director, Exploration New Ventures Acquisitions, Hess Corporation - Presentation not available

2010 Conference

September 2, 2010

Buyers and sellers of oil and gas interests have regained confidence following a year of economic uncertainty and malaise. A&D deal flow is becoming robust once again. However, the playing field changed during the financial rainout. Fervored competition for oil-weighted and liquids-rich assets now leads to premium prices. Gas-focused producers are high-grading their portfolios and staking positions in low-cost resource plays. Hear from the players, advisors and analysts on strategic dealmaking in this evolving marketplace.

Opening Keynote: Oil and Gas Price-Trend Forecasts

  • Tom Petrie, Vice Chairman, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

Dealmaker Spotlight: Building Companies, Contrasting Styles
Two well-known acquirers are back in the game, growing companies from the ground up—but with differing strategies. One is piecing together small unconventional buys in the shales. The other is seeking conventional legacy assets and recently tripled the company’s reserves with a $900-million deal. Here they reveal their buying strategies.

  • Gary Evans, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation

  • Mark Castiglione, Vice President-Business Development, Quantum Resources Management LLC - Presentation not available

The A&D Marketplace: Buyer & Seller Opportunities
Competition for assets continues to grow, especially as gas-weighted producers push to bulk up on oil and liquids, and others seek high ground in unconventional gas plays. What are the current market dynamics affecting A&D opportunities today, and what are the hidden opportunities?

  • Metrics & Drivers: What Assets Cost Today and What is in DemandScott Richardson, Co-founding Principal, RBC Richardson Barr

Growing the Oil Weighting: Asset Availability and New Horizontal Plays

  • Sylvia Barnes, Managing Director-Head of Energy Investment Banking, Madison Williams & Co.

JV Mania: How Joint Ventures Are Changing the Face of M&A

Eagle Ford Explosion: Update on Acquisition Activity

  • Christopher Simon, Managing Director - Energy Investment Banking, Head of Asset Acquisitions & Divestitures, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Dealmaker Spotlight: Marcellus
Billion-dollar joint ventures and corporate acquisitions are on the marquee in this enormous play. Private-equity backed players, national oil companies and majors alike are bringing new attention to Pennsylvania and other states in the Appalachian region.

  • Brian Begley, Vice President - Investor Relations, Atlas Energy, Inc.

Presentation of Oil and Gas Investor's Excellence Award for M&A Deal of the Year

Deal Talk: A Chat With Bill Colton and Vaughn Vennerberg
Bill Colton and Vaughn Vennerberg share their unique insights on the Deal of the Year, and what the acquisition suggests about the long-term future of natural gas.

  • Bill Colton, Vice President - Corporate Strategic Planning, ExxonMobil Corporation

  • Vaughn Vennerberg, former president, XTO Energy Inc.

More Arrows in Your Quiver: A Financing Toolkit
Which financial tools make the most sense when buying into shale plays, and which make sense in conventional plays? Now that the window to capital markets is open again, buyers and sellers need to know their options for effective deal closings.

Private-Equity Availability: Where are They Investing and What is Their New Exit Strategy?

Public Capital Markets: Who’s In, Who’s Out, and at What Cost?

  • Mike Ames, Managing Director-Investment Banking Exploration & Production, Raymond James and Associates

Sell Without Selling: Crafting a JV to Meet Sellers & Buyers Needs

  • Ward Polzin, Managing Director-Investment Banking, Tudor Pickering

Dealmaker Spotlight: Seeking Oil
Oil is the commodity of choice today, so more asset buyers are seeking oily properties to boost their portfolio. From the Bakken to the Permian, deal flow is robust.

Boom or Bust? Dealmaking Challenges and Opportunities
Even as M&A rebounds from a year ago, certain obstacles remain in the operating environment that could either stifle deal making, or add to the deal flow for opportunistic acquirers.

Spilled Deals: What is the Future of Gulf of Mexico Dealmaking, and Will Offshore Explorers Move Onshore?

Your Time is Up: Will Pending Lease Expirations Expose Shale Acreage to the Market?

  • Ramona Hovey, Sr. Vice President-Products and Services, DrillingInfo

Dealmaker Spotlight: The Contrarians
While the market is consuming oil assets and shale plays and driving up valuations, some buyers see opportunity in stockpiling out-of-favor and largely forgotten assets—conventional gas.

  • Mark Houser, Chief Operating Officer, EnerVest Ltd. and President, EV Energy Partners LP

Closing Keynote: KKR Deals in North America Gas Plays

  • John Bookout, Managing Director and Member of KKR Energy Infrastructure Team, KKR